ZMF Day 1 (-ish, 3-ish)

Hey. So… this has been an interesting few days. Mainly, I’ve been trying to adjust to life in a dorm after moving out of a dorm into an apartment, out of the apartment and back home, to now back in a dorm. Meanwhile, I’ve been playing for and talking to some wonderful percussionists and marimbists from across the globe. Also, I’ve had the chance to meet three world-renowned composers, work directly with two of them, and attend four masterclasses each of which has changed my perspective on percussion, life, and the various gibberish phrases useful for communicating about playing style.


Now, it’s currently 10:30 PM in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and I’d very much like to get to sleep, so unfortunately I don’t have much profound to say. I do, however, have several ideas of titles for profound things to say in the next few days (or whenever I manage to find time). They include:


– The Art of Feather-Ruffling


– Glug Glug, Bogadiga Bogadiga, and Paka Paka Paka: The Greatest Words of Great Marimbists


A very interesting few days indeed…


PS: I think I want to start a thing where I share cool stuff I’ve heard about/seen while I’m on my travels. A sort of suggested reading/listening/watching list. I’ve got two for today.

My Pretend Music School, by Ivan Trevino: A thought-provoking article posted on his website (he’s a composer) where he proposes his ideal music training program

Sosso-Bala, by Emmanuel Séjourné: Super groovy percussion octet just performed phenomenally en concert here at ZMF (this video is a few years old)

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