YEAH! First home football game tonight!

What has been interesting to watch is how much people came together today. I mean, yes—my superiority complex along with my stuck up, arrogant, judgmental side wants to say nothing good. It’s superficial entertainment and superficial bonding of a community. It contributes to a mass consumerism that downplays the individual and sells because it’s shiny. It’s dumb. That’s what insecure Aaron wants to say. All the while, about forty percent of the student body is out and about having a great time and I’m here in my dorm room wearing my shower shoes because I’m too lazy to get socks out and updating my blog with whatever I can think of at the moment. Whoopty freakin doo.

Ok. I’ll stop being sarcastic. It’s good for me to get it out once in a while.

I do genuinely think it is pretty cool that a group of people who have known each other for very little time have now come together to root on a team doing such an arbitrary collection of maneuvers. Why? I’m sitting here after two and a half weeks still trying to figure out how to adjust after twelve years of being in the same place. I’ve traveled. I’ve been thrown into new groups and been forced to adjust. But this time is different. Now, this is home. I’m still finding it hard to accept that fact. It doesn’t help that I’m taking classes in two majors and performing in three ensembles now.

Needless to say, I’m stressed. There are a million and a half details to worry about, and my mind which contents itself by worrying about way too many details is having a field-day. It may be counterproductive to stress-reduction that I’m currently listening to The Rite of Spring, but I’m not quite sure. What I’m hoping I can find, though, in the near future, is some setting—be it the cheering section at a football game or my General Physics III study group—where I can start to feel at home. What I can say is this: vacations get old, and some constancy is well needed after long periods of change. I’m looking forward to some dust settling here soon.

So, that’s the scoop with what’s up (down) in Orange. Concerning the football, we lost! Oh wait. You’re not supposed to get excited about losing. I’m still trying to figure things out. Give me a break. I’m new here.

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