Day 29: I know, I Missed a Lot of Days

Much has happened in the last few days, so I’ll condense it all into a list for light readers and follow-up with some detail in another post.

1. Wyoming

Beautiful trees, not much air, and an awesome mid-concert break on a gondola to the top of a mountain.

2. Airports

Evidently, when we were leaving Wyoming, we were dangerously close to a 3-hour delay because of too much traffic into San Francisco. The result: I checked my bag, walked over to security, was told to get in the “special line” for orchestra security, did not go through the (what I can only suppose was imaginary) orchestra security, and walked straight onto the tarmac. Fortunately, we made it safely to San Francisco without a 3-hour delay.

3. More Airports

Landing in San Francisco was super awesome because our chartered flights kept having us deplane on the tarmac. So now, I’ve been on the tarmac of two major airports. And that will probably never happen again. But still, I enjoyed walking down the stairs like some important person. I felt, for some strange reason, like I should have been waving at all of my raving fans as I was climbing in my limousine. Or charter bus. Right, this is reality, Aaron.

4. Dinner Parties

I thought I knew what dinner was. I also thought I knew what dinner parties were. I also thought I knew what being an introvert at said dinner parties was like. Turns out, I didn’t know any of those things. A dinner party hosted by Sanford and Joan Weill showed me the truth. It was amazing and terrifying all at once.

5. Concerts (and Concert Halls)

So the Weill hall we played at last night was modeled directly after Ozawa Hall at Tanglewood, the one we played at a week and a half ago (holy crap that was a week and a half ago). For some unknown reason, I felt a very strong sense of deja vu. I can’t explain it though.

6. And……………Even More Airports

Now, I’m finishing this list back in the SFO international airport. We’re waiting for our flight. Our flight which was scheduled to board at 2:25. It is now 1:15. We have been delayed until 4:50. I guess I’m starting to miss those chartered flights.

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