Hey y’all. I’m in the south!


How can I tell? I had cafeteria barbecued chicken for dinner. And it was amazing. As for the dorms and the concert halls, I can’t honestly speak as highly. In fact, both were kind of depressing, and frankly I won’t be sad to leave for Chicago tomorrow.


On the bright side of things, we had a great concert, in my opinion. At least for me, I felt Pictures was the most musical I have played it, even though there were several technical aspects I would have liked to execute differently.


I dislike the idea of leaving the post short like this, but it’s midnight, and I need my sleepy time. I’ve been a bit loopy the past few days, and signs don’t show any improvement. A couple of nights ago, I couldn’t count to three. Bus 1, then bus 3,  then bus 2, right? That’s how numbers work.

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