Day 17: I<3NYC

Things I learned today:


1. New York drivers are crazy.

2. In New York, it is socially acceptable to drive so close to another moving vehicle that the passengers on board from the West Coast scream a little.

3. New York is very different from San Francisco.

4. There are more people walking around in Times Square than there are in Clovis (I’m fairly sure this isn’t hyperbole, but someone willing to fact-check might prove me wrong. Either way, there were a LOT of people.)

5. I hadn’t until today experienced traffic.

6. It is possible to unload a bus of 48 musicians on the wrong side of the road whilst warding off said traffic and massive deluges of people.

7. The above action is quite hectic for a suburban dweller like myself.

8. New York natives know exactly how long it takes to get from point A to point B despite said traffic.

9. Carnegie Hall looks tiny compared to the skyscrapers surrounding it.

10. The Perelman Stage at Carnegie Hall is not nearly as deep as I thought it was.

11. But Carnegie Hall is the definition of awesome. It’s not just the hype. Gorgeous aesthetics and amazing acoustics perfectly balanced in the most compact little building in the largest city I’ve ever seen: that’s the definition of awesomeness.


Hope all is well in the rest of the world. I could honestly stay in NYC for a while. A long while. I really liked it. I kinda want to go back. And I shall tomorrow.


Speaking of which…. Listen live to the NYOUSA debut at Carnegie tomorrow evening at 8pm Eastern time! Link here.

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  1. Awesome job, Aaron. I got to listen live. Especially loved the Mussorgsky (lots of percussion!) and the Porgy and Bess! Congratulations!!!!
    Love, Aunt Diane

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