Day 15: Tour Tomorrow!

Ok. That’s kind of misleading. We actually don’t go anywhere tomorrow. All we do is our first concert, which is at Purchase College. Which, in all truthfulness is nothing to sneeze at. I mean, I’m about to play my first concert as a part of the National Youth Orchestra. That’s pretty stinking awesome.


I am now having a moment with my website. Evidently, something is amiss in the media upload world because all I get when I try to share a picture from today’s dress rehearsal is this:




Flip it, re-upload it: whatever I do, this is what I get. With this one picture. I haven’t the slightest clue. Then again, it’s 11:03 and I’m tired and I haven’t updated my software in a while. Maybe I should…


Regardless, the dress rehearsal went great. I had another moment during the rehearsal. It was a fluke. To y’all it would probably seem like a minor fluke. To me, it was the biggest fluke that fluked in flukeville (careful on my spelling there). I hadn’t properly checked my setup and as such missed an entrance. It was the end of the world.










Or perhaps not. I beat myself up for a while, but (sparing you once again the minute details about how my brain works), I ultimately came to an inspiring realization. Basically, nobody said anything. At all. Not even “Maracas, you missed your solo.” It. Was. Nothing. Realizing that I could release myself from the self-criticism that came along with the mistake, I think, was the most valuable lesson I’ve learned since I’ve been here. I experienced what I hope and feel is the epitome of professionalism despite my momentary mistake. Mistakes happen. People are human. It’s nice to have other people remind me of that sometimes so that I can give myself a break.


That being said, I’ll be checking three or four times to make sure the maracas are in place for tomorrow’s concert.


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