Day 14: What am I Even Doing Here?

I have started to think about this question with respect to both my current physical location and my current digital location. What am I experiencing, and what am I sharing? I’ll spare you the details of how I ended up at a particular conclusion and instead tell you a bit of a story.


There was a young man who played marimba. He wanted to play a duet with his friend Tyler. The two marimbists talked about playing together and decided they were going to play 2+1 by Ivan Trevino. Once the two were in New York together for the National Youth Orchestra, they began rehearsing together. The first marimbist felt a bit insecure because he felt that he was less prepared to play than Tyler was. This feeling continued all the way until the night of July 18th, when they were scheduled to play at the NYO chamber music concert. They played, the first marimbist (and I believe Tyler as well) had lots of fun, and that was that.


Our marimbist left the building to go back to the dorms and change out of the fancy-schmancy business casual clothes and get himself a celebratory Haagen-Dazs bar. As he was heading back to the theater to watch the rest of the concert, he remembered that he had wanted to grab his camera to take some pictures of the concert. This is where math happened.


Our marimbist figured he was about halfway between the performing arts center where the concert was going on and his room where his camera was sitting on the desk. He had two options: continue and forget about the camera, or turn back and miss more of the concert. While trying to weigh the pros and cons, something profound occurred to him.


End third person.


I realized, quite suddenly, something which stuck with me for the rest of the night, and actually ended up enjoying the concert quite a bit more because of it. This is going to be frank, but I think true. I’m here to be a part of the National Youth Orchestra, not to take pictures for my blog. Granted, I really REALLY enjoy the latter, and will continue to do it as a secondary purpose. But my first purpose is to have the experience for myself. THEN I share whatever I can with all of you. It didn’t matter that I could go back and miss more of the concert to get my camera. Since I wanted to see more of the concert, that’s what I did.


Basically, this was 400 words preparing to tell you that I don’t have any pictures from tonight to share with you (although I will be adding older pictures to my NYO gallery). I do have an audio recording from tonight and a video that a friend took. I’ll post that as soon as I have it all stitched together. For now, I’m going to go to bed and enjoy the fact that tomorrow, I can sleep in.

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  1. Fantastic Aaron! Have your experience and record it as you see fit. For myself, I will enjoy what you have time and energy to post. The rest will come in time and in person as you see fit. It sounds like this is an amazing time for you and thank you for sharing as you have. Enjoy the concerts (and everything else). 🙂

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