Day 12: I Must Go Into Battle

My fellow people. Tonight is one of the nights when I know that my character shall be tested in the most gruesome way imaginable. You see, I walked into my room after the From the Top recording session, hoping to quickly write a blog post and retire into the land of the unconscious. Alas, I was unable to complete this seemingly simple task. I was faced with a trial—one which would prove to shake my convictions down to my very core. I gently grasped the sheet to pull it aside in preparation to lay my head down when, all of a sudden, a beetle scurried out from under the sheet and under my pillow. Naturally, my first instinct is to scream ” *redacted*! There’s a *redacted* cockroach on my bed!” Of course, it wasn’t truly a cockroach, but I find that under stress, the mind tends to naturally add significant hyperbole to sensory input. Before I could acquire the proper armaments to defeat the formidable opponent, he managed to slither down into the crevice between the mattress and the wall. I have not been able to locate him after that point.


As such, I shall stand my guard with a tissue in hand, waiting for the return of my nemesis so that I might ensure my safety as I sleep through the night.


Concerning the reason I’m here in New York, I had a fairly reasonable day, especially relative to the task I am faced with now. After an easy morning off and a dress rehearsal in the afternoon, the orchestra taped a performance of three pieces off of our program in front of a live audience for a From the Top broadcast through local public radio stations. I will hopefully be able to provide everyone with an airing schedule so you can know when your local public radio will air the performance.

As part of the recording and rehearsal, I actually had the chance to share the same room (and even the same stage) with one of my idols: Christopher O’Riley. Yes. My all-time favorite pianist was right there in front of me hosting my first experience on national radio. I even got a picture with him. I think it was a successful day.

Chris O'Riley

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