Day 10: A Poem for Rain

So the heavens decided to leak this evening. So I’ll give you just a brief haiku on my thoughts toward the weather.

Rain makes it humid,

Really sticky and humid.

That is not nice, rain.

In other news: we only had one rehearsal this morning, and we ran through the entire program with minimal stops. I hadn’t thought until then, hearing the entire program, that it is in fact a very well-thought-out program. I think everyone who watches will be thoroughly pleased with the product as an entire performance (see my previous blog post for more on that particular topic).

Though we only had one rehearsal, I am quite entirely exhausted from running around trying to avoid getting wet, so I’ll make up for my excessively long post yesterday by stopping there for today. Anyway, tomorrow is going to be a lot of awesome stuff: the guest conductor David Robertson arrives! Also, on the subject of tomorrow, the social media staff will be releasing the section videos on a rolling basis tomorrow all day. The percussion video will be available here tomorrow at 6:00 pm Pacific, along with all of the other videos throughout the day. Enjoy!

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