Day 8: I Waited Too Long to Start This

It’s 10:30 and I really don’t want to write. I have a free day tomorrow, so I’ll fill in some more details later.


In short, we had an awesome masterclass with Noa Kageyama on sport psychology for performers. Learned a lot, and came away with a greater respect for intensive Mario Kart players (Dr. Kageyama mentioned that Mario Kart is the one thing he doesn’t let his kids win. In fact, he applies the same techniques he taught us today to improve his gaming performance. That is quite clearly nothing short of awesome.)

Then, we had a full rehearsal with Sam Adams, the composer who wrote the 2014 NYO commission, Radial Play. I mentioned the piece earlier. It’s a really cool piece, and it was quite frankly an honor to play for the composer.

Lastly, we had a video recording session and video screening (for the section challenge videos we taped through the week). The session went fine, but got…repetitive. The screening, though, was fantastic. Every single section did an amazing job coming up with unique and fitting videos for their section. I personally enjoyed the Viola, Harp/Keyboard, and Bassoon videos. Those will be coming out on Tuesday, so stay tuned for more info!

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