Day 6: An Update from Day 5

So now that the stressful day is done, I’m really tired. I haven’t had much to do past dinner time, so for the first time since I got here, I’ve really been able to relax and think about non-NYO things.


For example: earlier today, I got to register for classes at Chapman. I had my first run-in with websites taking long to load because so many people are doing the same thing at the same time. It wasn’t too terrible, except for the first time when I waited for three or so minutes and I simply received an error message saying I didn’t meet the prerequisites for one class and thus the entire attempt at registration was nullified. That was fun. Nonetheless, I was able to snag all the classes I need, and then some. At least I’ll have some choices when it comes to August.


On the music side of things, we had our final full rehearsal in the morning while coaches are still here, and then a sort of masterclass with the coaches later on in the afternoon. I’m actually kind of sad because that was the last chance we had to work one-on-one with the coaches. It’s been an interesting couple of days, but they’ve really been great to work with.


At the end of the sectional, I checked my phone and read an email that detailed housing information for next year, namely my roommates (I have two). Go for mental whiplash! Seriously, I think the most exhausting thing today was going back and forth, thinking about NYO and thinking about Chapman. It’s hard to stay focused on one because I’m so excited about the other.


We also filmed our NYO Percussion section introduction video today. I don’t know how much I should share, but it’s going to be a satire something along the lines of “Percussionist Problems”. It’s going to be super awesome when it’s finished. I guarantee it. I have one line in the whole thing, and personally I think I killed it.


Now, I believe I am going to retire after a long day of doing two things at once. It was a good one, and tomorrow shall be another.

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