Day 5: I’m a Bit Stressed

This is going to be short and to the point. Today was busy and tomorrow will be even crazier.


We had another full rehearsal, and we read through our commission. That was awesome. The music is really cool contemporary sound-exploration stuff. I seriously have a tam-tam part that says “Overwhelming: Swallow the Ensemble”.


After the rehearsal, we had another sectional. Evidently I’ve been playing the triangle backwards all my life (I had the open end on the right). Either that or I’m too exhausted to even remember how to play. I suppose each is an equally plausible scenario. Once the sectional was done, we got to unpack and strap our new Zildjian cymbals. They are pretty and shiny.


Now, I am exploring the epitome (maybe I’m a bit over-dramatic) of multitasking, as I just finished planning with the percussionists a section introduction video for NYO (hopefully I can show you the final product shortly after it comes out on Saturday). Shooting for that begins tomorrow immediately following the third full rehearsal. However, I will be frantically clicking through hoops on my laptop trying to register for classes at Chapman next year. Wish me luck. I hope I won’t need it.


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