Day 4: It Rained

You know, I was really getting used to some nice sub-100-degree weather. New York was really starting to grow on me. Then I woke up this morning. I saw wet sidewalks outside of the window, so I assumed it had rained. On my way out of the dorm, someone told me that we had a fairly loud thunderstorm to go along with the rain last night. This was all fine and good, and I was just preparing myself for the lovely aroma which always accompanies the day after rain when suddenly the door opened. It was like I had walked into a warm wet piece of tissue. One that just kept sticking on my skin. And getting hotter and wetter the longer I was outside. I take back everything I’ve said, California. I don’t care if it’s 120 outside. Just please give me a dry heat. (That being said, before I left, it seems Fresno was having a lot of humid days too, so maybe there’s no escape. Except possibly in Antarctica. I bet it’s pretty dry there.)


Once I made my way out of the (un-air-conditioned) dining hall and walked through the wet tissue again for about three minutes to get to the (thankfully very well air-conditioned) Performing Arts Center, my day started really looking up. We had our first full-orchestra rehearsal today, and that was unbelievable. For some perspective, I’m the brother of a trumpet player. I frequently hear practice sessions of the trumpet solo from Pictures at an Exhibition. Over, and over, and over. After a while, I don’t really feel like listening to it outside of his practice, even though there is much more to the piece. But when our entire brass section completely obliterated (in the good kind of way) the first Promenade, everything else melted away. Seriously, I might have cried during each Promenade had I not been frantically trying to remember the ending of the Catacombs so I wouldn’t be late for Baba-Yaga. (Any non-musicians/people not familiar with the piece, I’m talking about this, I play timpani: Pictures video).


After the rehearsal, we had another percussion sectional. This one went much better than the first one for my psyche, mainly because half the time, we were getting score updates from Jauvon on the Germany slaughter of Brazil (I support neither team in particular, it was just fun to hear everyone else reacting so…emphatically).


Now, I am off to traverse the tissue to get to the PAC one more time tonight (I’ll still have to walk back, unfortunately). Tonight is movie night at NYO: we are watching West Side Story. Pretty stoked, I especially like the Cool sequence from what I’ve seen on YouTube. I’ve never seen the whole movie though. Should be…cool. At least it’s in the air-conditioned part of campus.

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