Day 2: Three Hours of Icebreakers

Yes. The ice has broken. Yes. I am very tired. But this is the good kind of tired: the one you get after doing a day’s worth of awesome stuff. I was going to share some photos/videos of those three hours (we did an Instagram scavenger hunt where tasks were assigned which we had to complete and photograph/videotape). I even stopped typing for about ten minutes just so I could set up an Instagram just so that I could access #NYOUSA just so I could get the photos to put here. Then I realized that I was conveniently cut out of all of the photos. Yay for living on the edge…of the frame!


We had a significant amount of time after the icebreakers to practice, which was good. I haven’t had access to timpani in about a month, so at least now I’m a little better prepared…maybe… We have part assignments going on first thing tomorrow morning. That should be fun, mostly because after that, I get to stop practicing all the percussion parts for all the pieces on the program and just start focusing on the one’s I’ll actually be playing.


This whole daily blogging thing is going to be rough, probably for at least another day or two while I acclimate to all the new stuff. But rest assured that when the really awesome stuff starts happening, I’ll have plenty more to write down.

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