Day 1: A Lot of Waiting

Hello! As I am writing this (from New York, mind you), I have had about one hour of sleep on a plane in the last thirty or so hours. Please forgive any incoherent text or other forms of errors. Also, my tenses will probably switch a lot. Bear with me.


It started at 8 a.m. Pacific time, when I woke up for the last time in Clovis, CA for the next month. After some last-minute packing, lunch with a friend, and some feline snuggling, we embarked on the  four-hour drive to Sacramento. On the way, we stopped for some essentials.


Then in Sacramento, we met up with my grandparents, my aunt, and a raging ground-fire (the fire was several miles east of us, fortunately). For anyone wondering (myself included), yes, I DO still suffer from asthma. A nice run-in with smoke reminded me of that fact.


After dinner, it was time for the airport. This was my view for about 4 hours (though it became steadily darker and darker.

Sac Airport Gate A13

Once in New York, and after a brief episode of playing “Where’s that other guy we were supposed to pick up?” with three different guys, I had my first encounter with New York traffic


and New York bridges.

New York Bridge

Now, this is my view from the desk in my room as I sit here writing this blog post. It’s 71 degrees. I know you Fresno people be jealous. I feel ya. But right now I mostly feel cold.


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