Aaaaaannnnddddddd I’m Off

Whelp. That was a fun summer. Now back to the salt mines. Actually, these are really fun salt mines, and I’ve been looking forward to them for months.


So essentially my summer has now ended and the four-year long process of getting a degree has begun, but first, I am taking a month-long detour through 6 of the 48 states which I haven’t visited. That’s right. NYO-USA 2014 has officially begun…almost. I still have to get there, so there’s the three-hour drive from Fresno to Sacramento (with a brief stop at the new-found Ghirardelli outlet on the way), then there’s the five-hour wait  in the terminal until the scheduled boarding time, then the two-hour wait between scheduled boarding time until a plane is available, then one hour wait before the plane is entirely loaded, then taxiing, and more taxiing, and more taxiing. I think you get the picture. I’ve got a lot of waiting ahead of me, but seeing as that’s all I’ve done the past few months, I think I’ll manage.

Sac Airport

This will be my view next to the wall outlet in the airport. Where I’ll wait. I’ve been waiting for a while now, though. High school was one long blur of obligations and requirements that frankly wore me out. I don’t believe the new world I’ll be stepping into will have any less responsibility to give me, but I truly believe that my adventures that lie ahead will be life-giving and not life-draining. I can tell that this is true, for example, given how excited I am for this tour. (Words seem to fail in expressing some of my more ecstatic emotions, so I’ll just give you two images.

NYO Acceptance

This email made me squeal in a very small car on my way to an audition at Chapman University in February.

Lovely Pictures

This one made me squeal on my couch just about an hour ago.   Needless to say, a change is going to be very welcome. Otherwise, I’d probably go on continuing this monotonous cycle of practicing and Star Trek I’ve lived through this past month. I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated here on all the exciting things that happen while I’m gallivanting across the nation. For now, I need to go sleep and hopefully start training my body to accept East Coast time.

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  1. Aaron ~ You are an amazing writer and I am thrilled to be able to follow you on this journey! Have whatever experience is meant to be and remember that we love you! I can’t wait to hear all about it via blog post or, when you return, in person. (((hugs))) Michelle

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