Gamelan and Patxi’s

Sooo…. Summer. It’s really hot, and I’m starting to get really bored. I can’t complain that the workload has, well, disappeared, but man some structured time is in order. I got a bit of respite this weekend when we went up to the city again and saw the symphony play again. That was a lot of fun. A gamelan orchestra opened the program before the symphony played, which was awesome. The pre-concert speaker talked about how gamelan music has influenced a bunch of modern (particularly minimalist) composers. After hearing them play, I can safely say that I see why. I kept thinking, “This is totally something Steve Reich would write.”


Also while in the city, I had my first slice of real pizza. I don’t mean that hunk of dough they put sauce and cheese on. This was deep-dish. The real stuff from Patxi’s. It changed my life; that’s all I have to say.


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