Whelp. A Lot of Stuff Happened.

Ok. There’s literally no way for me to condense everything that has happened in the five weeks since I last posted into a reasonable post, so I’ll give you pictures and summary where I can.


1. Merced Symphony

I played a percussion-heavy rendition of Carmen with the Merced Symphony. That was fun. I got to play with my private teacher as well as a few other percussionists I had known before.



2a. CCDOP (Acronyms FTW)

I competed in the Central California Day of Percussion Solo Competition, Snare Drum and Marimba categories, and I placed 4th in each. That was fun. Also included in that weekend was the 23rd annual Central California Day of Percussion, which was just really stinking awesome because I got to see some great percussion ensembles play, including We Got the Beat (pictured below), and got to hear Anthony Cirone play his own etudes from Portraits in Rhythm. That was really fun.



2b. YPO/Fresno Phil Side-By-Side

Also that weekend was the Youth Orchestras of Fresno Side-By-Side concert with the Fresno Philharmonic. That was…fun, and a little bit crazy. Actually, a lot a bit crazy. But The percussionists and I enjoyed ourselves, and we made it out of that concert as better people. I promise I’m in this photo. Or at least part of me is.

side-by-side(photo courtesy of Youth Orchestras of Fresno Facebook Page)


3. AP Testin’

For obvious reasons, I have no photos of the tests I took.


4. SF Symphony

My family and I went up to San Francisco to celebrate the end of AP testing with the San Francisco Symphony. I know, it’s a terrible picture. Considering that it was dark, we were in the second balcony, and it was from my phone, I am willing to let that one go. The symphony played amazingly, and the entire time I was thinking, “Wow. MTT is on stage, conducting live, right here in front of me. Is this real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a crap seat, no escape from the balcony.”







5. The Week of Nothing

Seriously: the week of May 18th, I did NOTHING.


6. Graduation

That was fun. This picture is from the morning of the ceremony, but the ceremony was that evening. Since we couldn’t have phones, I literally have zero pictures from graduation. Everyone else in my family seems to have a million, but I’m to lazy to get them off of their cameras. Don’t judge. I just graduated: it was exhausting.




This last weekend, I competed as a semifinalist in the Southern California International Marimba Competition. I loved playing, but the judges were brutally honest in their feedback. But, I got to see a lot of friends and play for some of the greatest marimbists alive right now, so that was definitely a positive experience. I may or may not have a video of that performance. If I do, I’ll post is as an addendum. Otherwise, just trust me that it went alright.


So there you go. That’s been my last five weeks, and right now, I’m feeling pretty accomplished. That was a lot to do. And now it’s done. And I shall eat pasta, because I’m really hungry and have nothing else to do.




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