NorCal Day of Percussion and KVPR

This week has been quite the adventure. We didn’t have school (thank the maker!) and yet there was no shortage of things to do. I started off (or middle-ed off?) the week on Wednesday playing marimba for the Valley Public Radio Young Artist Spotlight program (see video

Then, on Saturday, I got to attend the Northern California Day of Percussion. To my knowledge, it was the first NorCal DOP and it started what I hope will be a great annual festival. I had never seen UMusic (a Bay Area youth percussion group) perform before. Along with my involvement with our own Central Valley group We Got the Beat, I can’t describe how glad it makes me to see such young players being exposed to great music. And BOY can they play.


My only hope is that some day I might be able to help out another, similar ensemble. I feel like combining what I’ve learned from We Got the Beat (and Louisville Leopards!) with UMusic ideas would just result in this awesome awesomeness. I know, what a way with words, right? Because each one of those ensembles is just plain awesome. Awesome.

Okay, I should stop saying awesome and go write a paper that’s due on Friday. Silly AP classes.


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